Pet Adoption Myths Debunked

PNRadoptmsgThere are many mythconceptions about the quality of animals found in rescue shelters. The stigma that shelter pets have been stuck with for many years is that they are damaged goods. Just NOT true! Read more.

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Sense of Smell

PNRnose2aA cat’s sense of smell is 14 times stronger than a human’s.

Besides their noses, cats can smell with something called the “Jacobson’s organ”, located in the upper surface of their mouths. This is what cats are using when they scrunch up their eyes and open their mouths after sniffing something intently.

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lost and unfound


the cat chased the crescent moon
deep into the night
encountering near death experiences
along the way
living and dying by the hour
until inevitably unseen

with the scent of the cat
fresh in the dog’s
sensory perceptions
he searched for days on end
until finally losing track of
his long-lost friend

promising to return another day
the dog headed back home
guided by a bright satellite
looming over the city
stray cats springing from the shadows
and jumping over the moon

Oscar & Chester
january two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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