November 27th 2014

If you celebrate…Happy Thanksgiving!
If you don’t…Happy Thursday!


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9 Unique Dog Breeds

Bedlington Terrier – looks like a lamb

    1. Swedish Valhund
    2. Bedlington Terrier
    3. Catalburun
    4. Tibetan Mastiff
    5. Mudi
    6. Catalhoura Cur
    7. Schipperke
    8. Azawakh
    9. Thai Ridgeback


Mutts are special.

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Dogs are Sloppier Drinkers than Cats

(Photo : Public Domain)

Here’s Why…”Cats and dogs lap liquid with their tongue, but seemingly small differences on the way canines drink water cause them to drink more sloppily than felines. Research also found why bigger dogs tend to produce more water mess compared with their smaller counterparts.” More

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