Pet Peeves

Some of My PET PEEVES are:

  1. Pet Food Companies who make dry senior CAT food with a MUCH higher protein content than they put in other recipes (36% or more vs. 30-32% in regular dry). Many seniors have kidney problems and consuming that amount of protein is detrimental. What are they thinking!
  2. People who chain their DOGS to a fence day in and day out; often w/o clean fresh water.
  3. People who do NOT spay/neuter their PETS and allow litter after litter, thinking it’s cute or natural to multiply.
  4. Backyard DOG breeders. Unscrupulous DOG breeders.
  5. People who euthanize because they can’t be bothered to medicate a sick PET.
  6. Dog park PETS permitted, by their owners, to run free and bully other dogs.

1SnitA Feel free to mention yours.

About Bonny Blogger

Hello, I'm Bonnie, author of The Bonny Blog. I love to combine my photos with poetry or quotations. Hope you enjoy them. Thank you for visiting. ♥ˆ◡ˆ)
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