9 Unique Dog Breeds

Bedlington Terrier – looks like a lamb

    1. Swedish Valhund
    2. Bedlington Terrier
    3. Catalburun
    4. Tibetan Mastiff
    5. Mudi
    6. Catalhoura Cur
    7. Schipperke
    8. Azawakh
    9. Thai Ridgeback


Mutts are special.

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Hello, I'm Bonnie, author of The Bonny Blog. I love to combine my photos with poetry or quotations. Hope you enjoy them. Thank you for visiting. ♥ˆ◡ˆ)
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One Response to 9 Unique Dog Breeds

  1. Well, that’s an interesting list, but it would be nice to see pictures of these dogs. I have some very good buddy Schipperkes! I used to visit hospitals with them!

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