5 Reasons Life Is Better For Cat People

1. Cat people are more intelligent than dog people.

2. Cats have a smaller carbon footprint than dogs.

3. Cats are less slobbery than dogs.

4. Owning a cat may reduce your risk of dying from a heart attack.

5. Cats are cheaper than dogs.

by Chelsea Harvey


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Hello, I'm Bonnie, author of The Bonny Blog. I love to combine my photos with poetry or quotations. Hope you enjoy them. Thank you for visiting. ♥ˆ◡ˆ)
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5 Responses to 5 Reasons Life Is Better For Cat People

  1. One among Many says:

    Another great post. I too however being smarter than cat people. 🙂 maybe i can think of five reason dogs are great.

    1. Ever teach a cat to catch a Frisbee?

    2. Dogs are better at fertilizing your next door neighbors lawn.

    3. Dogs appreciate when you come home, let you know they are happy.

    4. Dogs used to save soldiers lives.

    5. Ever notice or seen a seeing eye cat? for the blind.

    Probably making this too serious, had to. my pooch Goliath giving me the you wanna live? stare

  2. Charles Huss says:

    #6 Cats don’t need to be “walked” in the freezing cold or pouring rain.

  3. One among Many says:

    Totally agree with you However. Wanna talk about more awesome with the cold?

    Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

    true under harsh conditions yet the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
    is with a purpose and money ,, 69;000 dollars for even lowest amount won. yes, some ppl think its cruel. they are well cared for. very well cared for. Worst for the man having to wear long johns.

    Think i once saw a cat pull a little red wagon. or was it a squirrel.

    I do have four cats and love them. Let us agree both animals have their coolness. 🙂 :). Can think of many examples for both sides. Love them all. 🙂

  4. Kathy Waller says:

    Cats are indeed less slobbery than dogs, but if my William doesn’t stop licking me… I asked the vet why he does that, and she said, “Because you’re there.”

  5. Kathy Waller says:

    P.S. My William has been licking me for seven years.

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