What Nice Teeth You Have!

February is Pet Dental Health Month — and while it’s important to keep your pet’s teeth clean for his overall general health…always discuss the possibility of deafness from general anesthesia with your vet — and any steps or preliminary blood work that can be done to prevent it from happening.

“General anesthesia may also cause deafness. While the causes of this possibility have yet to be established, it may be that after receiving general anesthesia, the dog’s body sends blood away from the cochlea to shield other critical organs, or that the positioning of the dog’s jaw constricts the arterial supply and keeps it from reaching the cochlea. Deafness sometimes occurs when a dog has gone under anesthesia for an ear or teeth cleaning.”

(cats can also become deaf after anesthesia)

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3 Responses to What Nice Teeth You Have!

  1. Wow! Mom and I never knew about this!!! Thank you for the info!

  2. Sadly, it happened to one of my cats. He did regain most of his hearing but it took a very long time.

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