Cats purr not only when they are happy but also when they are stressed. Sometimes even when they are dying. 😦
Purring is actually caused by vibrating muscles surrounding the larynx (windpipe).

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Hello, I'm Bonnie, author of The Bonny Blog. I love to combine my photos with poetry or quotations. Hope you enjoy them. Thank you for visiting. ♥ˆ◡ˆ)
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5 Responses to Purring

  1. Charles Huss says:

    My cat Abbey, as we were on the way to her final vet visit, was lying on my lap purring. Made me feel even worse about what was about to happen. 😦

  2. Know the case. Sorry for your loss. 😦

  3. Charles Huss says:

    It is sad but Puck now has a home because we lost Abbey.

  4. Marc-André says:

    True. Always look on the bright site!

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