TOXIC N Safe Foods 4 Dogs

TOXIC Foods for Dogs

Apple Seeds
Baby food – Baby food by itself isn’t terrible, just make sure it doesn’t contain any onion powder.
Cooked Bones
Citrus oil extracts
Corn on the cob
Fat trimmings
Fish – The primary fish that you need to be careful about are salmon and trout. Raw salmon can be fatal to dogs if the fish is infected with a certain parasite. Also RAW Fish.
Grapes and raisins
Human vitamins
Macadamia nuts
Milk and dairy products
Mushrooms Onions and chives
Persimmons, peaches, and plums
Rhubarb, and tomato leaves
Yeast (on its own or in dough)
Garlic — Garlic is OK and beneficial in small amounts.

SAFE Human Foods for Dogs


Things that you can feed to your dog without worrying about side effects include but keep to a minimum:
Lean meat
Raw eggs (and cooked ones, too)
Fruits: bananas, apple slices, strawberries, blueberries and watermelon. NO seeds which contain arsenic.
Vegetables: carrots, green beans, cucumber slices or zucchini slices.
PLAIN baked potatoes occasionally.
White rice and pasta

This is a guide. Always check with your VET first.

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