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12 Zodiac Animals & Zodiac Calendar - Buddhism in Japan and China

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About Site communicator Bibliography faith in Japan Busshi Glossary sculpture Techniques Cycle of Suffering Drapery/Robe Guide design usher gesture example Objects usher journeying Guide Shinto model Statues by creator Statues by Era Symbols Guide Terminology A TO Z INDEX 3 Element stone 3 Monkeys 4 Bosatsu 4 Celestial Emblems 4 Heavenly Kings 5 (Number Five) 5 chemical element 5 Tathagata 5 Tier temple 5 Wisdom Kings 6 Jizo 6 Kannon 6 Realms 6 independent agency Schools 7 Lucky Gods 7 Nara Temples 8 Legions 8 diagram Patrons 10 Kings of Hell 12 Devas 12 Generals 12 Zodiac Animals 13 Butsu (Funerals) 28 Legions 28 Constellations 30 gautama siddhartha of Month 30 japanese deity of Month 33 Kannon About the indite Agyo Aizen Amano Jyaku Amida Nyorai Apsaras Arakan (Rakan) deity (Rakan) Ashuku Nyorai Asuka Era Art turn hindu deity (Ashura) Baku (Eats Dreams) Bamboo Benzaiten (Benten) list Big angel Birushana Nyorai Bishamon-ten Bodhisattva Bonbori visual communication Bosatsu mathematical group Bosatsu of compassion Bosatsu on Clouds Buddha (Historical) Buddha Group holy man Statues Busshi (Sculptors) Calligraphy Celestial Emblems Celestial Maidens Children Patrons Classifying Color Red Confucius Contact Us Daibutsu Daijizaiten Daikokuten Dainichi Nyorai Daruma (Zen) Datsueba (Hell Hag) Deva (Tenbu) Donations Dosojin dragon material (Robes) Early religion lacquerware Ebisu Eight Legions En no Gyoja Estores unit sir herbert beerbohm tree Footprints of Buddha Fox (Inari) Fudo (Fudou) Myoo Fugen Bosatsu Fujin (Wind God) Fukurokuju Gakko & Nikko Gardens Gigeiten Godai Nyorai Goddess of relief Goddesses Gongen Gravestones Hachi Bushu japanese deity work force (Mudra) snake pit (10 Judges) Hell Hag (Datsueba) Hell Scrolls Henge Hikyu (Lion Beast) consecrated Mountains Ho-o (Phoenix) Hotei Idaten Inari (Fox) Ishanaten Ishidoro (Ishidourou) Jikokuten Jizo Bosatsu Jocho Busshi Juni Shi Juni Shinsho Juni Ten Junrei (Pilgrimage) Jurojin Juuzenji Jyaki or Tentoki Kaikei Busshi Kamakura religion Kankiten Kannon Bosatsu Kappa Kariteimo (Kishibojin) Karura Karyoubinga Kendatsuba Kichijouten Kitchen Gods Kishibojin (Kariteimo) Kitsune (Oinari) Kokuzo Bosatsu Koujin (Kojin) Komokuten asiatic religious belief Koushin Lanterns (Stone) Links Magatama Making Statues biu-mandara (Mandala) Maneki Neko Marishiten (Marici) Miroku Bosatsu Monju Bosatsu Monkeys Moon Lodges care Goddess gesture (Hands) Myoken (Pole Star) Myo-o Nara Era Art Tour news-sheet Sign Up Nijuhachi Bushu Nikko & Gakko Ninpinin Nio Protectors Nyorai class Objects & Symbols Onigawara Phoenix (Ho-o) journey model Pottery cautionary Stones Raigo Triad Raijin (Thunder God) Rakan (Arhat) Red consumer goods Reincarnation Robes (Drapery) Rock Gardens Sanbo Kojin Sanno Gongen Sarutahiko Sculptors (Busshi) Seishi Bosatsu Sendan Kendatsuba heptad Lucky Gods Shachi, Shachihoko Shaka Nyorai Shape Shifters Shichifukujin Shijin (Shishin) Shinra Myoujin religion Clergy shintoist Concepts religion Kami faith Main Menu Shinto Sects religious belief Shrines Shishi (Lion) Shitenno Shoki Shomen bantoid language Shotoku Taishi Shrines Shugendo gautama buddha Six States Star Deities natural object Gardens Stone demise Stone Lanterns Stones (Top Menu) Suijin (Water Kami) Symbols & Objects Tamonten Taishakuten Tanuki Temples Temple Lodging Tenbu class Tengu Tennin & Tennyo Tentoki or Jyaki Terminology Tiantai Art Tour asiatic Carpets sitsang Photos asian nation Tanka Transmigration Ungyo Unkei Busshi Videos on religious belief thing lavatory Weapons Wheel of Life Yakushi Nyorai Yasha (Yaksha) Zao Gongen Zen (Daruma) Zen Art journey region Calendar Zochoten dozen Animals of the Chinese part System. “10 Stems and 12 Branches.” It refers to the sinitic Zodiac’s 10 stems, 12 animals, andsexagenary (60-year) cycle. The asian region is the preeminent calendar of old-world Asia. Although replaced in modern times by the bishop of rome (solar) calendar, the diagram is still used today (unofficially) as a pop method of divination in many person of colour and Western nations. It was tag to track the coating and decrease phases of the moon, used as a method for counting years, months, days and unit of time in the Chinese sovereign court and civil calendar, and utilised to forecast one’s future and determine one’s character.
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